Ad H. L. Huiskes

Ad H. L. HUISKES (1947) received a PhD in Plant Population Ecology at Bangor University (Wales, UK) in 1977 and joined the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Centre for Estuarine and Marine Ecology, Yerseke, in March 1978. From 1989 onwards he started studies on the vegetation in Antarctica since 1996 focusing on the influence of enhanced UV-B radiation and climate change (temperature and moisture changes). From 2001 he headed the Unit for Polar Ecology of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology. Since 2009 he was interim director of the Centre in Yerseke (since 2012 Centre of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Sea Research) until retirement (April 1st 2012). Ad Huiskes has been chairman of the Netherlands SCAR committee, co-chairman of the national IPY committee, Netherlands delegate to SCAR and Vice-President of SCAR (2008 – 2012).