Jon-Ove Hagen

Jon Ove HAGEN received his PhD in in glaciology in 1986 at the University of Oslo. He has worked as a glaciologist at the Norwegian Polar Research Institute 1986-1993 and since 1996 as professor at the University of Oslo. He is also an adjunct professor at the University courses in Svalbard (UNIS).  He has worked mainly on mass balance and dynamics of Arctic glaciers and authored/co-authored about 100 peer-reviewed papers. He was chairman of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) Working Group on Arctic Glaciology 1995-2003, vice-president of IUGG/IAHS ICSI, International Commission of Snow and Ice, 1999-2006,  council member of International Glaciological Society (IGS) 2002-2006.  He is editor in The Cryosphere. Lead author and contributing author in IPCC, Third, Fourth and Fifth Assessment Report.  Lead author in ACIA – Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, the Snow-Water-Ice and Permafrost, (SWIPA) assessment report 2009-2011.

He was coordinator of the Norwegian IPY-Glaciodyn project, 2006-2010. He is now coordinator of a Nordic Center of Excellence in Cryosphere research, Top-Research Initiative by the Nordic Council, 2010-2016, SVALI, Stability and Variations of Arctic Land Ice, with 17 partners from all Nordic countries.