Meng Zhou

Meng ZHOU, Research Professor
Dean of Institute of Oceanology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


2010, Chair of Excellence, French science foundation
2008, Basque Senior Scientist Fellowship, Spain
2007, Marie Curie People Fellow, EU
1992, National Science Foundation Antarctic Service Medal, USA Navy Antarctic Service Medal

Publications (selected)

  • Zhou, M., Y. Zhu, C.I. Measures, M. Hatta, M. Charette, S. Gille, M. Frants, M. Jiang, B.G. Mitchell, Winter mesoscale circulation on the shelf slope region of the southern Drake Passage, Deep Sea Research II,, 2013.
  • Zhou, M., Y. Zhu, R.D. Dorland & C. Measures, Dynamics of the current system in the southern Drake Passage, Deep Sea Research I 57, 1039–1048, 2010.
  • Zhou, M., K.S. Tande, Y. Zhu, & S. Basedow, Productivity, trophic levels and size spectra of zooplankton in northern Norwegian shelf regions, Deep–Sea Research II, 56, 1934–1944, 2009.
  • Zhou, M., P.P. Niiler, Y. Zhu & R.D. Dorland, The western boundary current in the Bransfield Strait, Antarctica, Deep Sea Research I, 53, 1244–1252, 2006.
  • Zhou, M., What determines the slope of a plankton biomass spectrum? Journal of Plankton Research, 28, 437-448, 2006.
  • Huntley, M.E. & M. Zhou, Influence of animals on turbulence in the sea, Marine Ecology Progress Series, 273: 65–79, 2004.
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  • Zhou M., J. Paduan, & P. P. Niiler, The surface currents in the Canary Basin from drifter observations, Journal of Geophysical Research, 105, 21,893-21910, 2000.
  • Zhou, M. & M. E. Huntley, Population dynamics theory of plankton based on biomass spectra.  Marine Ecology Progress Series, 157, 61-73, 1997.
  • Zhou, M. & M.E. Huntley, The principle of biological attraction, demonstrated by the bio-continuum theory of zooplankton patch dynamics. Journal of Marine Res., 54, 1017-1037, 1996.

Teaching Courses

  • Introduction to Oceanography
  • Applied Statistics
  • Applied Hydrology
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Observations of Marine Physical Processes
  • Mathematical Methods in Environmental Sciences
  • Advanced Numerical Models in Environmental Sciences