Natsuo Sato

Natsuo SATO has studied auroal physics. His main scientific field is conjugate aurora observed between Syowa Station in Antarcitca and Iceland in the Arctic. He participated Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE) for three times in overwintering and once in summer party. He was a leader of summer party in 1987-1988 and a leader of wintering party in 1992-1994. He was a Chair of National Committee of International Polar Year 2007-2008, Science Council of Japan. He worked as a Voce-Director General of National Institute of Polar Research for 6.5 years until his retirement of March 2012. He was a principal investigator of Syowa-Iceland conjugate observation, Japan-China Cooperative Research on polar cusp/cap aurora at Zhongshan, Upper Atmospheric Physics Research on JARE, Syowa SuperDARN (Super Dual Auroral Radar Network) radars. He received Academic Awards of “The Tanaka-Date Prize”, from the Society of Geomagnetism and Earth Planetary and Space Science (SGEPSS), Japan in 1982 and "GGS NASA Group Achievement Award", USA in 1999.