Shiv Mohan Singh

Dr S. M. Singh, Senior Scientist, MoES-NCAOR-India obtained his master degree from University of Lucknow in 1992 and was awarded doctorate from the BSIP in 1998. He has worked at different national (DST-BSIP, CSIR-NBRI, MoES-NCAOR) and international organizations (AIST-Japan, NIPR-Japan, Jagellonian University Poland) during last two decades. He has diversified experience in area of Biodiversity (Microbial and Plant), Palaeobiology, Genomics, Proteomics and Elemental chemistry. Dr Singh has established ‘Polar Biology Laboratory’ in National Centre for Antarctic & Ocean Research (NCAOR-India) which is now equipped with the state of art instruments for undertaking the experiment on Polar Biodiversity and Biotechnology. He was awarded INSA-JSPS and INSA-PAS fellowships for international collaborations. He was member of several Antarctic and Arctic expeditions during 2003-2015. He has published 85 research papers in International and in Indian journals apart from contributing in various symposia. Patent filed: Bioactive oligosaccharides from an extremophile.