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Good news: Advances in Polar Science is accepted for coverage in Scopus Database and other Elsevier product(s).
at : Sep 10, 2020 09:38:40  (view:858)

In May 2020, Advances in Polar Science (APS) has been evaluated for inclusion in Scopus by the Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB). After the review of APS, the CSAB had advised that the title would be accepted for inclusion in Scopus, The reviewer comments are copied below: 
+ The journal APS consistently includes articles that are scientifically sound and relevant to an international academic or professional audience in this field. 
+ The journal APS addresses a subject area not properly covered by an existing journal. 

In September, it was informed that APS has been accepted for coverage in selected Elsevier product(s) starting with 2020 material (Vol. 31, No.1).

Elsevier products are used by leading research institutions, government organizations, decision-making bodies, and corporate organizations around the world. Therefore, coverage of APS in Elsevier products provides increased visibility and discoverability of APS’s content.

Elsevier products have adopted formal content selection criteria and standards. By accepting APS for coverage in one or more of these products, Elsevier has determined that APS meet these standards; and by granting Elsevier’s permission to have APS covered, we in turn have confirmed our commitment to the highest possible publishing standards.